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When you walk the grounds at the Freedom Center today, you'll see some pretty amazing things. Beautiful, mature Magnolias, Catawbas, Oaks, Maples, and Poplars provide a gorgeous canopy to our stocked fishing lake, mountain bike and hiking trails, disc golf courses, archery station, playgrounds, lodges, and meeting rooms. What you'll see on your walk is a gorgeous natural canvas, full of potential, ready to welcome you.

The Freedom Center has a story of rejuvenation, help, and ministry here in the heart of Loudoun County. Pastor Lyman Eddy was offered this property in 2005. It has been in development since the 50's, as Glaydin School and Camp, then Loudoun Field Center, and Now The Freedom Center. When Pastor Lyman's team started their adventure here, there were 19 buildings, most of them uninhabitable. Up until this time, we have been working diligently to rebuild, repurpose, and use this space to become a self sustainable ministry to people of many different needs and callings here. We think you'll agree that it's come a LONG way, and boy are we proud of it! We have been blessed with countless ministry teams and work groups that have come through and offered help in the rebuilding and maintenance, and we've been able to provide a cool rustic escape for many church groups, as well as helping the community with emergency cold weather shelters and a respite for those in need.

And now we stand as a beautiful functional getaway with a heart for the community and a drive to be uniting force among the churches in the United States. We are proud of the work that has been done, and pleased to offer the fruit of our labor for you to enjoy. As you come and see, if you can pull yourself away from our gorgeous natural setting, you will see that there are still some projects for the taking, and plenty of adventures along the way! We welcome you to our favorite place in Loudoun County!

Freedom Center • 13951 Freedom Center Lane • Leesburg, Virginia 20176 • 703-777-3505 phone • 703-777-5077 fax
email: • Freedom Center is located 7 miles north of Leesburg, Virginia
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